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A successful sales channel strategy is about making the most of your channels to market by being in the right places in the optimal way.

"Arihant Group focuses on helping the Agri-retailers/ dealers and, in turn, growers and farmers alike. This needs a very effective and far reaching sales channel structure. A marketing structure that is inclusive and reaches the places where not many would be able to venture. In addition to that, it also takes a well gelled and well formed combination of sales processes, sales channel development, marketing strategies, and the right technology integration that makes the process smooth and hassle free for everyone involved. "

Arihant Group

Far reaching marketing structure and strategy for dealers to grow:

A market leader in bulk manufacturing and supply with an experience of more than two decades under its belt has taken the process of Retail Marketing in its hands and has been excelling at it year-on-year with an expert team that has widespread reach. A structure that not only brings in expertise of sales for the company but also helps small and big retailers/ dealers build their own sales strategies and grow their business.


In a very fast paced world where it is difficult to survive cut-throat competitions, it is always helpful to have an experienced and expert team working with us to build our strategies keeping them customer centric.

Regular field demos, holding famer meetings, conducting these processes in a way that it becomes an exchange of views and opinions that help mould the strategies. Customers are the best source of grassroot opinions.

Since we have a robust experience of more than two decades behind which has helped us understand the customer psyche and expectations. We put all of that in our strategies and ensure that our products and sales strategies are ones that lead to a satisfied customer and one that improves the overall customer experience as a continuous process.

Dedicated Sales and Retail marketing team

Arihant Group boasts of a strong sales and retail marketing team that will help you with your own dealership strategy and structuring. With experience in both bulk sales and retail, we have always found out ways of getting better and maintaining an inclusive approach to cover the extensive market in a way that appeals to the seller and the end user.



We believe you should be different, so you can be better. Tell better stories, create a better solution to a problem, generate better results. You don’t create your own category by doing what everyone else is doing, so you need to look elsewhere. That is where our expertise flourishes. We have perspective, data, imagination, and technical expertise. Everything one needs to launch, grow, or reinvent a brand across all of the touchpoints in today’s omni-channel world – under one roof.

Strategic Consulting to help you sell

Arihant Group of Industries (Retail Marketing) as Sales Partners is a strategic sales partner for your dealership, that helps retailers accelerate their growth by optimizing sales process, team, and tools. As a Return of Investment (ROI)-driven team, we assess, build, and deliver high-impact sales solutions designed to produce measurable results.

Marketing strategy

By working with entrepreneurs and managers, Arihant Group works seamlessly to develop marketing strategies for dealers that are destined for high growth and ensures that they are implemented to maximize sales opportunities and deliver the right support for you as a retailer.

Go To Market Strategy

If you are recently starting up in the field of Agriculture products sales, we will help you create and test a comprehensive go-to-market strategy designed to rapidly maximize success with target customers. We do this with the help of farmer meetings, where you can get visibility among the potential buyers in your particular location. Or be a part of Dealer meets where you can interact with other dealers and get to know their best practices and replicate the same for your own dealership.


We can only be successful and profitable if we make you successful and profitable. Retail distribution is the ultimate in symbiotic relationships, and should result in a win-win-win for supplier; distributor and retailer. Our distribution channels are designed in such a way that the consignments reach the desired destinations without any delay, or other issues thereof. Having a centralized godown helps us dispatch material to specific locations even in the remotest part of the state. This happens while ensuring that during the whole process, the packaging remains intact, leakproof and presentable.

Promotion Strategy

We have a huge team dedicatedly working to ensure you have everything that you need to sell our excellent products. In order to do so, You can just ask our representative helping you at your location for the advertising or marketing literature or material such as banners, hoardings, leaflets, handouts, etc and you will get it at your doorstep in a matter of days. With in-house content creators like graphic designers, content writers, photographers, and trusted packaging solutions, printing solutions it becomes extremely seamless for you to get all solutions under one roof in a hassle-free manner with an experienced team in Agriculture products. Apart from this all, we are always more than willing to take your ideas and make the best out of them in terms of promoting our products to ensure maximum outreach and best sales.


We do everything to Help you Achieve your Sales Target.


NPK Fertilizers

NPK fertilizers are the most basic and very popular fertilizers for any grower/farmer. It is a combination of 3 primary Macronutrients namely: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus(P) and Potassium (K). One of the fastest moving products of any market region are NPK fertilizers. The farmers are randomly told that they need a particular NPK mixture ratio; however, seldom are they educated on what is required, and in what ratios by the plants that they are planning to cultivate. It becomes paramount to inform the end user in order to have a market that is ultimately targeting a well informed customer. This is where we come in, we help educate the end users (farmers) and the sellers alike in order to have a well formed sales strategy based on genuine inputs from the end users directly.

Arihant group has a vast range of NPK fertilizers, which in our goal to achieve the best, has driven us into developing groundbreaking EA² technology and S4 technology. These research based technologies have helped us immensely in delivering Nano Fertilizers, and Gel-based Fertilizers. These products have helped us outgrow and out-deliver than a lot of competing options

Micronutrient Fertilizers

Once the Macronutrients are taken into consideration, the end users and sellers look for Micro Nutrients based on specific requirements of the crops that are going to be consuming the product. These micronutrients are Zinc [Zn], Boron [Bo], Iron [Fe], Manganese [Mn], Copper [Cu], Molybdenum [Mo], Silicon [Si], Nickel [Ni], Cobalt [Co] and Sodium [Na], these are required and utilized by plants as per their growth, flowering, blossoming, and fruit yielding stages as per the need. It is of utmost importance here as well, that the right decisions are made in terms of the nutrient required by the plant. We provide expert advice in terms of manufacturing and packaging as well as strategize marketing of the Micro nutrients so as to reach a wider and well informed demographic.

We offer a range of Micronutrient Fertilizers developed and manufactured and tested in our in house facilities. A Research and development lab that develops with constant innovation and helps better our manufacturing processes, A Quality control lab enables us to keep a constant check on the quality of products being delivered into the market. And a state of the art manufacturing facility that has trained and expert personnel handling the processes at each step of the manufacturing process.

Bio Stimulant

Biostimulants are products that reduce the need for fertilizers and increase plant growth, resistance to water and abiotic stresses. In small concentrations, these substances are efficient, favoring the good performance of the plant’s vital processes, and allowing high yields and good quality products. Since the awareness for such a product range is not on desired levels especially in a country like ours, it becomes tantamount to bring these products in the eyes of the sellers and users alike. Field demonstrations come very handy when it comes to such new products being introduced to the users. Since they do not know the benefits and uses of the products, it is best to demonstrate the traits and results of the product along with educating the target demographic.

Arihant Group offers best in category bio stimulants that outperform a lot of its competition and delivers outstanding results each time.

Bio Fertilizers

Bio fertilizers are the go to suggestions by many government and non government organisations when it comes to farmers’ fertilizer choices. Being a natural means of fertilizing, Bio fertilizers play a very important role in negating any harmful effects that synthetic or chemical fertilizers have left behind on your soil. Bio fertilizers consist of natural microorganisms that are invariably helpful to plant health and soil health. We provide you with all the right solutions in order to bring this popular fertilizer product in the eyes and then eventually hands of your targeted users(farmers). A strategy that takes into account the awareness programmes run already, and over and above that a host of such programmes arranged by our teams to help you. We handhold you with all the details and literature along with the right compliance related material.

With the help of an inhouse R&D and QC Microbiology lab, with expert team taking great care to deliver the best of the best each time, Arihant Group has been delivering excellent Bio fertilizer products which are developed, manufactured and checked in our own facilities to ensure the best reaches to the end user. A whole wide range of Bio fertilizers is one of our flagship product categories with customer satisfaction of the fullest.