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Bio Fungicide

What is a Bio Fungicide ?

Bio Fungicides are microbes that are utilized to control the action of plant pathogenic organisms and microscopic organisms. The idea of bio fungicides depends on the perception of common procedures where useful microorganisms, generally disconnected from soil, ruin the action of plant pathogens.

Biocontrol microorganisms are free-living parasites, microscopic organisms, or actinomycetes that are dynamic in root, soil, and foliar situations. These microorganisms deliver an extensive variety of anti-toxic substances, parasitize other growths, contend with other organisms, and actuate restricted or systemic imperviousness to an assortment of plant pathogens. The utilization of fertilizers and suppressive developing medium, which both contain living microorganisms, to enhance illness is another case of this ailment administration choice.

We are considered to be the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Bio fungicide. These bio fungicides are made up of beneficial fungi and bacteria that colonize and assail plant pathogens, thereby thwarting the diseases they cause. These microorganisms are commonly and naturally found in soil, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fungicides.

Bio Fungicide

Bio Fungicide

Bio Fungicide
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How Bio Fungicide does works ?

Bio fungicides control other microorganisms by four distinct components by which gainful or bio control operators cooperate with different microorganisms. Most bio control agents apply just a single of these four systems; in any case, some may utilize more than one.

• Through direct rivalry, bio fungicides grow a protective hindrance around the root framework, or rhizosphere, in this way protecting the roots from unsafe assaulting parasites.
• These bio fungicides also make a chemical comparable to an antibiotic, which is poisonous to the invading pathogen. This process is called antibiosis.
• Also, bio fungicides assault and feast upon the unsafe pathogen. The bio fungicide must be in the rhizosphere either before or in the meantime as the pathogen. Predation by the bio fungicide won’t influence the destructive pathogen if presents after it has tainted the roots.
• Finally, presenting a bio fungicide kick begins the plant’s own particular safe resistance components, empowering it to effectively battle off the attacking hurtful pathogen.

How to use Bio Fungicide ?

Bio fungicides are mainly used for a safeguard treatment in developing media or as a seed treatment. These can be mixed into the growing media proceeding to planting or useful as a drench immediately after transplanting, ensuring that the whole soil volume is treated. For foliar applications, the bio fungicides must be set up before pathogen contamination as their activity is absolutely defensive. They should be reapplied every now and again both to secure new development and to guarantee that compelling populaces of the microorganisms are available. Since bio fungicides comprise of living beings, they may have diverse capacity, time span of usability, and taking care of prerequisites than any customary fungicides.

Why to choose our Bio Fungicide ?

• Reduced risks to applicators and the environment
• Shorter re-entry intervals and days to harvest intervals than many conventional fungicides
• Many are labeled for use on edible crops including herbs and vegetables
• Less chance of plant damage, but not always, so consult product labels
• Generally compatible with beneficial predators and parasites (natural enemies), beneficial nematodes
• Improved nutrient uptake of certain elements
• Can be used in rotation with conventional chemicals to reduce the risk of pathogens developing resistance to conventional fungicides (especially systemic fungicides)
• Not genetically modified