Liquid Urea

All In One

All In One Liquidis an innovative Plant Growth Promoter (PGP) designed to revolutionize agricultural practices and maximize crop yields.This powerful fertilizer contains a unique blend of humic acid, amino acid, seaweed extract, nitrobenzene, fulvic acid, vitamin, creating a synergistic effect that promotes robust plant growth and health.

The benefits of ALL IN ONE are manifold. It enhances plant growth and quality, leading to larger, tastier, and more vibrant produce. The PGP’s stress-resilient properties enable plants to withstand adverse weather conditions like drought and heat, ensuring their continued growth and vitality. Furthermore, ALL IN ONE maximizes nutrient uptake, providing essential nourishment to plants from within.

Promoting sustainable farming practices, ALL IN ONE is eco-friendly and fosters a healthier environment while yielding exceptional results. Its user-friendly application makes it suitable for both seasoned farmers and enthusiastic gardeners alike.

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  • Nutrient Content :
  • Humic Acid : 12%
  • Seaweed Extract : 05%
  • Amino Acid : 10%
  • Nitrobenzene : 05%
  • Vitamin : 0.1%
  • Fulvic Acid : 05%
  • Trace Elements : Yes
  • Q.S. : 62.9%
  • Total : 100%


  1. Enhanced Plant Growth: It can stimulate root development and improve nutrient uptake, leading to overall enhanced plant growth and vigor.
  2. Increased Yield: By promoting better nutrient absorption and utilization, it increases crop yield and quality.
  3. Improved Nutrient Efficiency: It can enhance the cation exchange capacity of the soil, making nutrients more available to plants and reducing nutrient losses through leaching.
  4. Stress Tolerance: It contribute to improved stress tolerance in plants, helping them cope with adverse environmental conditions such as drought, heat, or disease.
  5. Better Flowering and Fruiting: It enhance flowering and fruiting processes, leading to better fruit set and increased crop productivity.
  6. Enhanced Nutrient Chelation: It can chelate essential micronutrients in the soil, making them more accessible to plants, which could improve nutrient balance and prevent deficiencies.
  7. Enhanced Root Development: Promotes stronger and healthier root systems, enabling Promotes stronger and healthier root systems, enabling
  8. Improved Soil Structure: It contribute to better soil structure by increasing soil aggregation and reducing soil compaction.

Recommendation Crops

It is suitable for Fruit Crops, Vegetable Crops, Flower Crops, Plantation Crops, Spices and Condiments Crops, Medicinal Crops, Aromatic Crops and Gardening Plants all crops.

Method of Application : Recommended for soil application by drenching or through drip irrigation system
Soil applications


    Foliar Spray : 1.5 – 2 ml / Ltr.

    Drip irrigation : 500 ml / acre

Packing : 200 ltr HDPE Barrel